The Story of a Photographer

In 2017 I was expecting my first baby and I really really wanted a birth photographer. My only problem was finding someone within my budget. I wasn't able to hire a Birth Photographer for the birth of my daughter but I ended up becoming obsessed with birth photography. I was inspired by a local birth photographer, Lauren Thomas. As well as the awesome ladies at Birth Becomes Her, Jen and Monet! I kept going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of all things birth. I was already SUPER interested in birth before hand but after the birth of my own baby, something snapped inside me.

I did what any sorta sane person would do... I bought a camera. I started off with a NikonD7500. And I ended up teaching myself all the basics. I started to get super confused about Manual Shooting and was having a hard time remembering which button did what function and when I needed to change said function depending on my shooting situation. I reached out to a couple local photographers and I was able to be guided by one who has become a wonderful friend to me! Jessica Figueroa. I actually have to give her photo credz to the two photos pictured on this page! But anyways, Jessica was able to help me through my Manual Shooting transition and has supported me in so many ways on my journey! I wouldn't be where I am without her and my wonderful family for sure. Thats how I became a Birth Photographer! Here I am, almost 3 years later. Six beautiful babies I've been blessed to capture making their way earth side. A handful of maternity sessions, several newborns, a ton of random sessions, and 4 weddings. Nothing pulls at my heart more than birth though.


My Life

“A little more about me!
Im married to the love of my life, 4 years married, 7 years together. We have a beautiful 3 year old daughter & another baby on the way! I LOVE all things birth! I love empowering women & supporting them when it comes to birth and motherhood. I believe every woman should have a support person who will advocate for her & make sure her wishes are met during birth. I want to become a certified doula & eventually a midwife! I love music, reading & my spending time with my family.”